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If someone could PLEASE convert these to UUNP Bodyslide.. that'd be great..


These are probably only the sexiest high heel latex boots I've ever seen, and they have yet to be available for anything other 7Base, UNP, and UNPB, as far as I can tell.







UNP version here: http://saikik24.tistory.com/1121

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Well, so as the old saying goes "if you want something done you've got to do it yourself." and with that being said I decided to take a crack at my own request, figure out how to add sliders to armor in Bodyslide (a fairly simple process as it turns out.. well, simple unless the armor you're working with is composed of like 5 million seperate precisely fitting meshes...) and make the boots UUNP Bodyslide compatable on my own.


Here is the file:


DF_T19 UUNP Bodyslide.rar



The file requires the original in order to show in game. Also not all body types seem to play nicely with these boots for some reason (hey I just figured this stuff out, waddaya want?..), so some editing in Outfit Studio may be nessicary... or it may just look too ugly to do anything with regardless... (that's no joke)


Anyway, I hope this works for anyone who feels like trying it.


Or if you're reading this, try it out, and go "what the f*ck is this shit?.. I can do better than this!...", then please.. go ahead, do better.

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