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Oblivion Mods that I miss in Skyrim


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Player PA Poses mod for Skyrim had a great kf pose that made an NPC do a handstand and then a legs split.  It was great.  I looked into converting the file to hkx but it is one of 475 files in the mod.  Instead of reinstalling Oblivion just to figure out which one it is, then learn to convert the file, I thought I would just ask if somebody could make a new one, or link to a mod that has a similar pose.



Part 2

I put whatever pictures I liked all over Oblivion via some cool mod, that I modded,  and I can't remember what that mod was all about.  Is there any mod available that enables the user to insert a chosen picture or pictures into the Skyrim world?

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Part 2:

Any mod that uses loose textures can have them replaced.


For example, under data / interface / sexlab you'll find the .dds file for the Sexlab MCM logo. If you replace it with another .dds file of the same size (x/y), it will replace that particular image.


The data / textures directory contains the vast majority of textures used by mods. If you know which directory is being used by which mod, you can pretty much replace any texture.


If the texture is contained in a .bsa file, you can still replace it, you just have to know the exact filename and path to do so.


This is how all (well, most) texture replacer mods in Skyrim work... just put in a new texture where the old one was. There's no mod that'll do it for you, afaik.

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For that second one, I don't mean if you meant the paintings mod for Oblivion that let you put whatever pictures you liked onto easels, but Painting in Skyrim lets you do that in Skyrim. It comes with 30 blank slots for you to put your own custom paintings in, and if that isn't enough you can always overwrite the included paintings with your own.


I, naturally, use it to decorate player homes with porn.


So much porn.

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