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HELP NEEDED: Making patch to fix Vanilla hair bug!

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Okay - I recently identified a bug in the Vanilla game, native to the hairshorthumanm.nif and/or .tri located in ...\Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\hair. That's the hair shown in the pic below. Something is very weird about the way it catches/reflects light, as though there is a second identical mesh partially rendering at the same time.


post-27796-0-81453800-1435104671_thumb.jpg     post-27796-0-57073200-1435104692_thumb.jpg


The problem is native to the Vanilla game. I am willing to MAKE and RELEASE a patch myself (I'm actually kinda stunned that the Unofficial patch team has not already done this long ago), but I do now know what to do.


For example, I cannot find which hairline the mesh uses. The extracted .bsa's do not show a specifically labelled hairline for this hair, extracting the .tri gives me only .obj files in this case, and the CK doesn't seem to know which hairline applies to which hair/s. Additionally, I cannot tell whether a hairline I pick applies to more than one hair, thus I have no way of knowing in advance whether a patch I make to fix one hair then breaks one or more others. :huh:

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Okay - to return to this:



 - Neither the CK, nor TES5Edit, show *ANY* Extra Parts for the offending meshes.



Both   Skyrim.esm \ Head Part \ 0010F79E <HairFemaleImperial1>   and   Skyrim.esm \ Head Part \ 00051405 <HairMaleImperial1>   display the problem pictured above in-game. Even on pure Vanilla install, no ENB.

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it's that hair



maybe the alpha, or the hairline, or the enb, or a mod conflict



Hey Yatol! :)


I was able to rule-out the last two during my recent several re-installs (ugh), as the problem seems to appear even in a base vanilla game.


I took a look at the meshes in NifSkope yesterday - as far as I can tell, the alpha is necessary for the proper display of the wispy hairs around the edge of the hair mesh. I do not know much about alphas, so I don't really know.


The two problem meshes do not appear to be using any hairline - neither the CK nor TES5Edit show any. The only thing I can think of would be if they're are somehow defaulting in-game to a hairline, but I have no clue how to even begin checking that... :(



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