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Force the player to say someting

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I am trying to have the player to say something during a scene.

I know that by default when a scene' actor is played by the player character, the Scene' dialogues are NOT used.


Do anybody of you knows how to force the player to say something?


I tried with PlayerRef.say(myTopic), including a few variants. No success.

I forced a voicetype to the player. No success.



I had a look on a mod on Nexus (Player Voicesets) but I don't get how it is working.



If anybody of you knows how to have the player to say something (subtitle or actual voice file), please let me know.


Thank you.

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This can be a solution. Although not generic enough to be used in generic scenes.

I will have to add this extra actor to every scene, and make it saying something if another actor is actually the player.


Considering that I have about 220 scenes, I think I will leave the player mute.


Thank you tho.


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I am doing the same as aqqh in CD for some scenes as well. I remember seeing something with npc's where you could set it so their speech would seem like they were right next to you no matter the distance. Since I am using just subtitled I am setting it so the speech has forced subtitles no matter what.

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Right now I am ok to have voices and subtitles for the player. I have an invisible marker that "speaks" and follow the player.

But the "lips" are of course NOT moving.


But I can live with that.

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