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Fixing working but invisible armor (slots)


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I had a problem with some of my armors working with SOS and 200+ plus mods so I found these fix.



Just wanted to share.




z4x wrote:You know what, I even tried changing it before, but there wasnt any pre-made values for these 51+ unnamed slots so I left it 32.

Ok, but no matter what is that value called in Nifskope, important is its value - a number, so if you know, that there should be 60, you could enter value 60 even before these values got their naming in nif.xml file used by Nifskope.

z4x wrote:But I found that some armors from random mods that uses these custom slots dont even have BSDismemberSkinInstance branch and they still work (for example exoskeleton -

Yes, there are used NiSkinInstance blocks. This is original block for skinned data and BSDismemberSkinInstance is only Bethesda's extending of this block by "Partitions" informations - probably for CK or engine. I think you can use NiSkinInstance blocks - try it, if it will work. You can convert BSDismemberSkinInstance block to NiSkinInstance block (and vice versa) in Nifskope - right click over BSDismemberSkinInstance and select "Block -> Convert"."

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