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NMM and FOMM question

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I recently picked up FONV and pulled some stuff from the nexus and LL to enhance the game.  I used NMM to install everything then found out about FOMM.  So my question is should I uninstall FONV and all the DLC's and start everything over again from scratch using FOMM or can I just reinstall everything using FOMM letting it correct everything that NMM did wrong?

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Ideally you should uninstall everything and start from scratch.. I would even go so far as nuking the Fallout install and starting fresh. Sometimes when uninstalling some files they might still stick around with NMM (alleged at least). Best to be certain. Helps with tech support. That is if you are indeed going to use FOMM.. Make sure you don't ever open it using admin.. and only use it for mod management.. Get rid of NMM .. you don't need it anymore for Fallout that is..

If you want to Cheat.. you can delete all the loose folders and files in Fallout Data folder.. leaving only the esm and BSA's and have steam re-verify the game. It will replace the files needed. Then you can install or reinstall FNVedit, GECK, NVSE, and other tools as needed. Make sure only the Fallout mods are there.

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You will have to open it as administrator from that time on. It isn't necessary to ever do it. Check out the FOMM page here on LL and there will be more info on that.


Besides that you should never open a program as an administrator unless you have to open it and are confident in both the author and the process it will be doing because as an administrator software has complete control over the system. NO legitimate mod or tools for gaming that I am aware of requires admin rights. If you are told to elevate a mod or program for gaming to administration rights.. investigate it very closely.

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Check out the FNV guide in my signature. It's for Mod Organizer, and fucking amazing. My FNV install works flawlessly.


MO is awesome and very powerful. FOMM is the advised mod manager for Sexout mods as most mod authors use it and understand it. It is simple and direct. Good for newer mod users.


If you are confident and want to try MO there is a thread here (in my sig) where your support questions can be asked. Gopher has some tutorials as well mostly for Skyrim which is where MO really shines but much of the info can be used on all games supported by MO.


The  main benefits are .

  • The mods never actually get installed into your folder. Nothing has been changed. The game is safe and sound.
  • Profiles can be created. Have a game you like but inspiration for a different run through.. NO problem create a different profile select the mods you want and play.
  • Conflict visualization and resolution. There are always conflicts in modding, it is the nature of the business however it can be difficult to see these conflicts on the fly when you want. MO has visual representation on these conflicts. AS you start to understand the mod process and the mods you use you can start to guess when and where the conflict is and in time even solve them The mods can be moved up and down in the order (left side) and it is just like you installed it in that order. Using FOMM or NMM or other managers you have to actually install these mods in that order. Finally in conflicts you can even go in and deactivate or hide various files if from a mod. down to a single BSA, or file if needeed.
  • You can use NMM, FOMM or any other manager or tools through MO. When done the files created installed or altered in FOMM  for example drop into an overwrite folder where you can package that bad boy right up in to a custom mod. :D.


Powerful indeed. but has a slightly higher learning curve to learn and there are some specific tricks needed to get some types of mods in FNV to work properly.. HUD mods are one such case. There are works around and FNV is getting better support each and every day. Some authors here have even converted to MO and use this now instead of FOMM (or along with FOMM)


The choice is up to you.. So long as you are using FOMM you will be well supported in FNV/SExout threads. I use MO myself for Fallout(both games) and Skyrim. and can't see myself ever going back.

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