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Trouble with sex with animals

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Hi! I have a prblem - my character cant begin sex with animals (animations do not start, and all effects do not begin too!). Im using mods Match Maker, and before i used Aroused Creatures and SL Enchantress.

Well, when i used Aroused Creatures, arouse doesnt help to begin sex. I tried all options and nothing!

That, i start to use Match Maker (aroused creatures turn off), i have new spells - for self using and on target. Self spell used successfull, but spell for target doesnt work, only message "Your spell fizzles and fails to effect on (creature name)", and so always.


BUT all works with NPC (and spells, and aroused, and Calm from SL Enchantress!).  And with creatures doesnt work!!!




I dont know what happened. Please help.

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Make sure you have Allow Creatures enabled in the SexLab MCM.


Insure that FNIS Creature Pack is installed.


Run Generate FNIS for users and confirm the above. Note any warnings.


Go to SexLab MCM -> Rebuild & Clean -> Clean System and follow the instructions in the popups.

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