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Hair tri Morphs?


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I am about to start packing my long delayed race mod

Argonian textures are finished for Males and Females, everyone uses Head06, even orcs now.

Better textures for everyone too.

Brief example of how orcs and imperials are currently looking:





But... I need to "fix" orc hairs.

They were made for that ugly deformed pancake vanilla head while I want them for a very human head06


So I went to Blender, played a bit, exported, but then I found out some meshes were fucked up beyond reason.

No, it's not the egm file, Conformulator never fucks those up

No they are not "broken" in the most strict sense of the word.

They do work... if the tri file is not being used, I tested them.

And no, Conformulator needs tons of complicated shit it seems before attempting to create functional tri files so that didn't work either.


I think it happened when I was fixing alpha layers from the disaster Blender makes of them when importing.

Could try to adapt them again with no alpha fix, in hope this time tri files work, but that would also look ugly (fucked up transparency) and I'm lazy so I don't wanna do it again, specially if success is not certain but a mere hope


Now tri files... I never messed with those. I think they're supposed to work to make different hair lengths right?

I could... use the CS to change the path and rename the new adapted hairs so the tri file doesn't get used but lengths would be lost and I prefer the idea of this thing being a replacer of resources more than a plugin


I know vanilla hairs are ugly, but the whole point of this mod is making vanilla things awesome. NPCs are still gonna be using those vanilla hairs anyways.




Can I?...

  • Do something so those tri files work with these new hairs?

Or do I?

  • Have to consider options such as:
    • Sacrificing hair morphs
    • Sacrificing correct transparency 
    • Throw myself into the abyss of uncertainty that is attempting to create new tri files by myself


Forgot to add the hairs in questeion - Here:


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