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Help with Teeth

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I'm a little thrown off over how to set up a custom set of teeth textures for a specific race. I've tried studying races built by others to see how they did this. But, it doesn't appear that references to the teeth textures are in the mods I've looked at. It seems that they end up loading the vanilla mouth/teeth textures.


Can someone offer any advice on how I could, for example, add gold-capped teeth to a custom race (without disturbing the vanilla teeth)?

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Thank you. I think that I understand it now.


Please correct me if I'm wrong:


If the headpart lists "None" in creationkit for texture set, then it uses the default textures rather than literally having no teeth. So, for the custom race, I just need to change that from None to point to a new customized texture set.

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None means it uses textures set in the NIF file. These are the "default".

Yes, that should do it. You can use the vanilla meshes, but I recommend to make it standalone. (Better if you decide to change some stuff in future)

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