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Hi - another noob qweschun - probably been asked many times.


Is there, or is anyone working on, a mod that will allow male to female creature sex?

Male creature to female human seems to be the norm, but I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great if a guy could have his way with a female creature.

Cos thats another thing that bugs me - you have for example a female werewolf, but when it comes to sex it always turns male.

And even if females have no schlongs, if they're the dominant party, you still end up getting pregnant from them, even though they're only using a strap on?


It would really be great to hear if anyone else is thinking along the same lines.



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sexlab currently lacks creature gender support which means all creatures are either male or female. werewolves are the one exception as they are classified as an actor (player/NPC)

there is also an absurdly low amount of female creature meshes and textures, and even less animations involving female creatures. once sexlab implements creature gender support we will likely see this change.

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