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(Request) Can someone lop the mullet off this apchii male hair?


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I have been trying to get rid of the mullet on this hair for some time now but can't do it with just nifskope. I can't do fancy 3d modelling programs but this would be something simple I know I just can't deal with all that import/export 200 pages guides and it still don't work 3d modelling stuff ya know?


This is hair 41 with hairline 41 from apachii hair for males. I included the texture used by the mod too. The mullet part I am talking about is the hair that goes down the back of the user it looks terrible! Dam hair clips through everything since there is no skin partition to hide the mullet part and it is just too long. So I just need someone to delete the part of the mesh where the hair dangles down at the back so the hair looks short instead of long back there. Any help is appreciated thanks:-)


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Here is a relatively easy way to edit hair meshes : 1. download blender version 2.7+ (i'm using version 2.73a, works great). 2. download and register this addon in blender http://niftools.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5823

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/35yr9v/working_with_skyrim_nifs_in_blender_274/


Some hair gets bonker when imported though (messed up position, etc).




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Hey thanks for that haircut!!!!


Looks great, some of the faces seem reversed here and there but it works for me! Finally I can use this hair so my character won't look like they listen to honky tonk or have access to hairspray lol. I think of this hair as okayish bed hair like, the character was more concerned with other things than combing their hair that day so it is more natural or the character got up in a hurry for some reason.

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