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Hey y'all,


I've been having trouble with the game with all the stuttering while moving and fighting and crashing when I enter a city through fast travel.

I am not that good at keeping track of all the mods I use and not really sure that they are having conflicts with each other.


Can someone help me and see if my mods/load order is compatible with each other?


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Stuttering while moving can be a result of higher graphics not having enough memory to run efficiently, and from your load order I'm guessing you're using an ENB.

Check in your enblocal.ini under the "Memory" category, and the line: VideoMemorySizeMb=????

What number is on that line? For me, VideoMemorySizeMb=4096

Also, do you have the skse.ini file with increased memory size for the blocks?

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Actually, I'm not really running ENB anymore. I tried out RealVision but it dropped my frameworks too low that there were little stuttering gaps every second.

Where do you get the information that I'm still using ENB? I followed the directions and thought that it was uninstalled cleanly. 


I'm not sure about the increased memory size for blocks. How can you tell?

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I saw the Realistic Water Two plugin: Watercolor_for_ENB_RWT.esp which is why I thought you were using an ENB.


For increasing the memory of the blocks, you should have an skse folder, usually under Skyrim/Data/skse. (Path could be different depending how you manage your game)

There should be one folder there called "plugins" and a text file (configuration settings in this case) called "skse"

If you don't see the "skse" file there then you need right click, create new text document and call it "skse.ini"

Then type the following:

You now should have memory blocks that have twice as much memory as before.
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No, I'm sorry. I cannot find the skse folder. There is no skse in my skyrim/data.


My mod organizer and skyrim folders are two different folders in the program file x86.

When installing skse, I didn't a folder with plugins or skse titles.

Mod organizer also doesn't have a skse or plugin folder.


I just copied the 7 files from the 1.07.02 skse site and uploaded the data into mod organizer.

How would you fix this problem?

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