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The Bards Tale IV by inXile on Kickstarter


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The "Old School" depreciating joke will get pretty old if they drag it around for the next pitch (maybe Van Buren)...


Looks like in the first 48 hours for the free GoG.com game options, and at the moment over 19,600 backers...


If there are going to be well implemented stretch goals, then it will get very tempting to pledge a higher tier...

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I'm backing it at the 20 bucks early bird now, I doubt I'll go higher. I like backign these things and being part of showing game developers for sure that they don't need the tyranny of publishers, it can only in the end lead to good games (after all if Wasteland 2 had been terrible, not many would be backing this). However I'm on welfare so my funds are eternally limited to how much I can spend each month and still keep myself (and my dog!) fed.


One thing I'm betting will be one of the first stretch goals is full Oculus Rift support, Brian Fargo talked about it in some of the inteviews. Not that very many of us has access to that!


Hm, maybe ask them to put "Hire Boris Voronstov to handle the official ENBs" as stretch goal? Modding Kit stretch goal? "Stretch Goal 265: Hire Ashal to put a sex system in the game. Stretch Goal 266: Hire FoxFingers to put romances in the game." Ah one can always smoke and dream! ;)

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