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Luxury Slaves? (Request)

Razzar 106

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Hey, I have a small idea for a mod add-on to Devious Devices or something.


Basically gold plated chastity gear, black and gold leather bondage gear and golden metal bondage stuff and possibly a special cursed plug that can be found in a dungeon (or is sent to the player by a mysterious 'friend') that turns the player's skin into precious metal that can only be removed by a rare magic ring. Something fun for any thieves that love money in that special way. *obnoxious wink*


The plug could also have some neat defensive effect like immunity to bladed weapon damage at the cost of total chastity (since I imagine it'd be kinda hard to bonk a living golden statue) but there could also be a scenario in Riften where thieves would try to kidnap the golden character and keep her bound in the middle of the Ratway or something. (I've heard of being a trophy wife but this is ridiculous.)


It's a simple idea but since I have no idea how to actually make a mod in any capacity I've decided to ask the community at large. Just something I came up with since a thief character of mine had a thing for bondage and a thing for covering herself (as well as inside a select few places) in filthy lucre. But it could also be just as good for Masters that would prefer their toys to be wearing something a bit more refined.


Any response is welcome. Thanks for your time.


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Well if you don't find anyone intrested in this kinda mod you could use a catsuit armor (there are various also golden) and change the armor values via tes5edit to your desires.


To your actual Idea I dont like the fact that its totally op, also if you want a golden skin maybe you can try to build a golden skin via race menu? (well I still like the idea of the golden catsuit more since it dose look more like an armor)

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While I'm not against the idea, I'd personally prefer to see it done with a follower. The whole problem with being a "living golden statue" is that statues don't swing swords or shout dragons out of the sky very effectively. Personally I find followers good for nothing more than eye candy, and this would be pretty much the ultimate in follower-slave eye candy.

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Alright, thanks for the feedback on this idea. I realize now that total immunity to bladed weapons is pretty OP considering the minor downside. Maybe more resistance at the cost of slowed movement speed (or worse, permanent over-encumbrance) would be a better choice.

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