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CS Question: dressing NPC's

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I have created a new NPC and tossed the clothes I wanted her to wear in her inventory.  They ended up wearing the standard leather armor, so I am obviously doing something wrong.


How do I make a newly created NPC wear a specific clothing item?




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Clothes or armor ?

You know NPCs always wears the best armor they have. If you sell a shop keeper in lether armor a mithril armor he will change the armor ( after you close the Dialog window he wears the mithril armor )

So if a NPC should wear clothes you must remove all armors in his inventory. Or in his AI package you must set "Armor unequipped" (if you are talking about your shop keeper it might be good if you also set "Weapons unequipped" )

Many sleep AI Packages have "Armor unequipped" , or in there houses NPCs don't wear armors (AI Packages have "Armor unequipped")  but if you meet them on the street they wear armor ( AI Packages without "Armor unequipped")  .


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