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Casual Sex mods????


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Hey guys I just had a quick question for you all, I installed Animated prostitution for skyrim and also installed sexlab. They both work fine but I cant get sexlab to recognize my sexual activity from Ap. My basic question is, Do you all have any mods similar to Ap hooked into Sexlab. Just something that added dialogue for all, not just an 'orgy spell'. 

Any ideas are much appreciated.

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Unless you really want to keep AP, I'd get rid of it and just keep Sexlab. Mainly because many of the AP animations are already in Sexlab, but it's your choice.

If I understand your other question correctly, you're looking for a mod that mod that adds dialogue to characters like AP does? If so, I'd recommend Sexlab Romance, it lets you initiate sex through dialogue rather than spells.

Apologies if I misunderstood your question.

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