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Hi guys :) I'm new here but I've been playing skyrim for a long time and I was wondering if somebody would help making a little face model for the game. You know like if the head was a helmet or something like that. Of course i would donate some bucks for the one who could help me. Again thank you and nice to meet you all.


The face is from this character: Neil Fisher from Resident Evil and this is the model in xnalara -> http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/neil-fisher-rerev2-terra-save-leader-82265.html


I only need the head, like this example -> http://www.deviantart.com/art/Resident-Evil-Revelations-2-Claire-Redfield-Head-2-517353818


Please I really need this so much and thank you :heart:

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Type help "neil fisher" into the console to find its ID.

Then type player.additem *ID here* 1 to get it.


not tested in game but should work, only for men though also the weight slider works to (but looks best at 100% weight)

The textures won't match with the body (i left the textures alone wasn't sure if i should alter them to get them to match better)

But you could always wear something that covers the seam i guess.


Let me know if it works or not.

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I was wondering why someone would need a head while fitting this... it never once occurred to me that you where a massive fan-girl.

Well i'm glad its working alright and that you're happy with it.

And no need to worry about pay, i mod for fun (and i had half an hour to kill so it worked out for the both of us).

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