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Add an item that matches npc name can this be done?

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I am trying to see if I can do this with the pse mod... I want to make a mesh of text that goes over the player body which shows the name of the npc that currently owns the player but to do this I will have to make a custom texture for each npc with each npc name on it for EVERY npc in the game! So I am thinking a token or a clothing item which contains the mesh that goes over the body. It could use a ring slot so it doesn't cover up the body meshes. So what commands to use for this in a script? I gather GetName or GetIsId maybe? I don't think this has been done before ever. Has anyone seen an idea like this before in another mod?

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an item with a npc name  on   it    !   why not !!!     a lot of courrage to make all those textures .


you can use  a neckless  for  it  .          there is a brest plate fixed on the nipples somewhere in LL that can be big enogh to conains a name  .


one is a No BBB   and  one is BBB     make your choise.


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Yes I have that one thanks to fejeena earlier but what I want to use is one of those tattoo meshes going around here somewhere. But the problem is the male tattoo version I can't find. I did find those arm band and ankle band tattoos for males but nothing on the chest or back or butt areas like for the female.

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