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Hair constantly reverts?

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Hey folks, been playing Skyrim again for a bit! Nothing odd really, been relatively smooth as far as Skyrim is concerned.


Well, in game, I decided to change my character's hair, no big deal, right? Yes, they are a vampire, but I have been using this new hairstyle for real life days, many hours in game, no problems. (Racemenu)


Now, randomly, on any save with that character, the hair I selected? The second hair? Constantly reverts back to the very first one I picked some time ago. In menus, out of menus, after loading in, ect. Within 3-5 minutes of changing it again, it reverts no matter what. I cannot say I have ever had this happen before, and I haven't changed any mods, at least, I do not think so. I have only added a piercing mod.


Does anyone have any idea what it could possibly be off the top of their head? I appreciate any replies. :)

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