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Guest Athran8

Ok, I know I'm going to bring down the thunder for a post like this. It's a newbie post, so, I expect to be directed to the Forum Search and Past Threads. That's cool. In fact, if I could be pointed to past threads and pinned topics of relevance, that would be great.


My question is this: what are the best basic mods to add for best graphics/immersion (assuming PC power is no object). I've been adding and disabling mods I've found on Nexus so far, except SOS on here. I've seen pics of others mods and mine don't look quite as nice. What am I doing wrong? Here's a list of what I'm using so far:


A Quality World Map and Solstheim - With Roads

Better males - Beautiful nude and faces

Enhanced Distant Terrain

Enhanced Lights and FX

Footprints -Footprints v1_00 Legendary

Immersive Armors

Lush Trees and Grass

Project Reality - Climates of Tamriel-V3

Random Vampire Attacks in Towns Disabled

Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Run For Your Lives

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Skyrim HD v1_5 Lite - Landscape-607


SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

The Eyes Of Beauty

The Ruffled Feather

(A bunch of unofficial patches)

Wet and Cold

When Vampires Attack


That's pretty much it except 2 mods I quickly put together to change music in background. None of the above has broken my game yet though. However, some mods may be redundant and/or compete? Maybe some mods are inferior to others that are out there? As far as adult, SOS works fine so far. I only notice it when I loot bodies. I would like to be able to loot women the same as the men. Any recommendations on women nude mods. Finally, are there any guides for beginners for using SOS or other adult mods (so I don't put stuff on forum and take up space)?


Again, sorry for the newbie questions and post. Hopefully this won't get deleted. Just looking for advice or, at least, a point in the right direction.



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There are 2 graphic mods which drastically improve graphics in skyrim: First off: lighting overhaul (which you already have covered, and something i use myself)


Another advanced graphic overhaul "mod"  is ENB: This is a tweak to the game, not a mod in the way you expect, which alters the graphics of the game and adds new graphic features. This enhancement can really put any modern pc on it's knees if turned on too the max (which is something that isn't recommended).


If you think your rig can handle it, you should try and give it a go! I am considerng trying to mess with ENB again, but i never managed to get a stable enough framerate.

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Hmm, then I generally would say:

- Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)

- Skyrim HD (the most downloaded mod on the Nexus)

- Climates Of Tamriel (COT)

- Realistic Water 2

- Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX)

- Verdant

- Dynamic Distant Objects LOD (DynDOLOD) - Here's an installation instruction. Found it shortly ago and you won't believe how much of a change it is: Skyrim doesn't look ugly from far away anymore :D

- Tamriel Reloaded HD


These are the basic ones I've chosen. Though you can go much more into detail (eg special mods for dungeons etc), and of course there always are alternatives.

But basically you'll already will have a much better looking game if you choose one of those ENB presets and work your way through their installation instructions: RealVision (CoT and RL 2) or PureVision (Pure Weathers + Pure Waters). Both have a list of mods for environment enhancement in their descriptions.

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It comes down to types of graphics tweaks in my mind...physical object textures/meshes and environmental tweaks.


As stated above, a good lighting / weather mod can go a long way towards improving the environment...and an ENB is like the special sauce that makes it all pop. All you need to do is take a look at some of the character / scenery screenshots posted here to get an idea of how much variety is possible. It's all subjective, but I like using ELFX, and a customized ENB preset (still a WIP) that's suited to my tastes.


As for physical assets, the latest one that I'm testing out for the first time is aMidianBorn Book of Silence: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24909/?A really wonderful texture overhaul to the vanilla armor and weapons. I was always concerned about using it before, but I've noticed no ill-effects on my performance after installing it. Most body replacers have re-worked vanilla 3D models for clothes and armors available to use, and this mod's textures are exactly that...high detail vanilla reworks. Everything fits as it should with the UNP body & armor / clothes replacer.


I'm just curious if it's the world space that looks wrong to you or if it's the armors / weapons / character models. Posting a screenshot of what you're seeing in game vs. how you want it to look might help zero in on suggestions and the like. It might just be that you need to edit your .ini files...


A guide that I like to use for .ini and prefs.ini tweaks is here: http://www.rcrncommunity.com/five-quick-skyrim-tweaks-you-may-not-knowWhile it focuses on the use of RCRN or ENBs, a lot of the advice given is universal and will make your game look better.



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I would first of all look here for mods that add to graphics or immersion:  http://www.tesgeneral.com/


TESG is almost always spot on when it comes to mods. 


As far as Graphics go, find and ENB you like, and add as many texture mods as you can.  Stick to these authors for the best effect.  





That's just textures.  Meshes, LOD's and vegetation are also important pieces to the graphics puzzle.  


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Yeah, the two biggest platforms for modding beginners are S.T.E.P. and TES General.

Though I'd recommend STEP, it explains in detail how to install MO, all needed 3rd party tools, and it has a huge list of nice mods. If you just want a more stable game without any graphical or gameplay changes, then work your way through STEP until the end of point "2.E Interface".


After this, look through the STEP list and the TES general list, and for well done gameplay affecting mods, there also is G.E.M.S.. There are all the popular and many less popular gameplay changing mods, but all of them are well done.


So, graphic enhancement: STEP, and as I mentioned above, the two xVision ENB descriptions

Bugfixing, essential mods: STEP and TES general

Gameplay changes/enhancements: a bit TES general and GEMS

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Guest Athran8

Wow. Thanks eveyone. Greatly appreciate it. I've seen other posts mention ENB before. I'm going to look into that further among the other suggestions you posted. Thanks again!

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