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mod orginaiser and FNIS

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so im fairly new to modding and been going well so far, but now i have no animations with sex, i do know what the problem is , i have used mod organiser to do all my mods( i first had a error sayinf fnis isnt installed in the skyrim directory so i moved it and no longer have that error), but fnis doesn't say "Reading SexLab ..." and "Reading SexLabCreature ..." when it finishes so im pretty sure thats my first problem, i want to just move the sex labs to my skyrim data file but im not sure if that will cause all the other mods i have that use it to stop working, whats the best way to fix this?

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What's "the sex labs"? There's one SexLab which is the framework for all other Sexlab / SL mods.




- SexLab Framework

- Creature Framework RC10

- any other SexLab mod


- FNIS Creature Pack




Should be working then.


And apart from skyrim.esm, update.esp and the DLCs, no mod should be under Skyrim\Data. Place them all into Mod organizer's own mods folder.

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