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Label armor as naked


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Hello, everyone.


I've been searching on how to make an armor pass as being naked. I have a couple of armors that are quite revealing and I would like to add some immersion by having NPC's comment about it. As I've been searching it seems that everyone but myself knows how to do that on CK. I would appreciate it if someone pointed me on the right direction. Sorry fir the noob question and thx in advance.

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Sos allows it, well you can set armor to be flagged as revealing, though just what that does I have no idea,


Sex lab aroused, also has an option to flag an armor as classing as naked.


Both however affect both male and female versions of that armor.

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In the CK it's all about keywords. For the armour entry of the item you want to be viewed as naked you should remove the Armour Cuirass and/or Clothing Body keywords. (All keywords attached to an item are in a list towards the right side of the armour entry.) If either of those keywords are present on anything you wear NPCs will not see you as naked.


One other thing to bear in mind is that a lot of mod authors have those keywords incorrectly present on items that are not worn in the body slot, so you may need to check every item you're planning to wear. I assume that's because they duplicated items and edited them, forgetting to clean up the keywords. It's annoying to set up something as "naked" only to discover that the tiny suspender belt you're wearing has everyone in Skyrim thinking you're covered from head to toe!


EDIT: Also, I think those keywords are taken into account for the armour perks that give you a bonus for wearing a full set. So you wouldn't be able to get those bonuses with a torso piece lacking the Armour Cuirass tag.

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