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Failing to compile certain PSC's

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So I recently uploaded a couple .PEX files I compiled just to share what I had. But when i try compiling psc's that have references to other mods that dont have scripts, just an esm and bsa, it fails. Specifically im trying to recompile a psc from untamed to change some options. However, when i go to compile anything that references UIextensions errors out. The last time this happened i just had to throw the script files into the folders that belonged to the offending mod. But... uiextensions doesnt have .pex or .psc files associated with it. How would i go about getting these or getting my compiler to stop failing?

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You need to unpack the scripts from the bsa's for every mod referenced by your scripts as well as the scripts from the masters for those mods. For example if it was for a sexlab mod you would need the scripts from sexlab, aroused, skse and skyui.


Thanks for your help! "unpack" was the keyword i needed for google to point me in the right direction.


Edit: For anyone having this same issue and that happens to stumble upon this post. 3 minutes later. Found a BSA browser @ Nexus and it worked like a charm. open bsa with this tool, select the files you want to extract. hit action > extract. put the files where they need to go.

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