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How do you go about ripping assets from other games?

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The process can be generalized into these simple steps:


First, you must open the compressed files which contain what you wish to rip; there are various utilities for this, and the ones you need change depending on which game you wish to rip from.


Second, you need a program to import that file. Again, the program you use will depend on the game you wish to rip from.


Third, once you have it in a 3d modeling program, you will need to add collision (if it is a static model, like a desk or a table), weight-painting (if it's a clothing piece) etc.


Fourth, you need to export it to a file type that your game can read.


Obviously the above is extremely general, because I don't know what game you wish to rip from. I would suggest against attempting to rip from console games, as that opens a whole new can of worms (getting the console games' files on your computer and importing them), but yes, you can rip voice files.


Another thing you can't rip is particle effects as each engine does those differently. For example, in the game Alice: Madness Returns, Alice's hair is made of particle effects and thus cannot be ripped without extreme determination and dedication, that could probably have re-created the thing in less time.


It is a time-consuming to learn for each game, as each game has it's own file types you must deal with and different animation\rigging quirks, so I would suggest getting all the files you think you might want from one game before moving on to the next.


Good luck,


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