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A "simple" question about ENB.

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So, after modding the game a lot, and following guides, i was wondering something.


My physical memory goes up already to 90% on some city (Yeah Whiterun..), so i was wondering.. does ENB help the game to run smoother? Or does it make it heavier?


I know that depends on my PC and the preset, but.. i'm asking about the "basic" preset. Just wanted to know if, by downloading that, game would be better.


Honestly i know that one of the most dowloaded ENB preset is Real Vision, but that wants a 8GB Ram, i got only 4, so i think it's better to avoid it, if i don't want a costant memory ctd.


Thanks to everyone that will clarify this. :3

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It depends. If you use the ENBoost it can help to reduce CTDs etc. Any preset that changes colors puts more load on your memory.

But another good solution that could help would be to use the SKSE mem patch.


Though, both can't really REDUCE the memory load, they just can help your PC to handle it in a better way. For actually reducing the mem load, there still is the only solution to remove mem intensive mods. Those either can be HR textures if your VRAM goes short or script intensive mods for normal RAM. Interesting NPCs is a classic example: Many new people -> many more script load by any script that does anything with NPCs.

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