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First Follower Mod : Neck Gap after import spf


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Hi Guys !!!
So i make a follower from my character, but after i import .npc file from spf, i got a neck gap on my follower mod, even though my character isnt
so i continue to the end, hope after merging the head.nif it will going to fix, but even after i did it, it doesnt change
also, after i merge, the scar not quite right
please help, i use ECE
my character
my follower mod


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the only solution i could find was seting weight to 100 export the facegen data (strg+f4) and than set the weight back to its former value. dont know if that works since the weights in my game are very simulare.

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Hi sanul17, the problem you have , is one of the mostly common problems of novice modders. This problem is happen because of different weight and/or height of your follower in showracemenu and in CK. So here is what you need to do.

1. open showracemenu - and look at weight and height of your character - i really recommend you to set height as 1 and as for weight you can set any, just dont forgot this numbers.

(also make sure that your character is fully naked and no weapons equipped) Then remember this two numbers one for height and one for weight. Then, export head nif.

Thenk exit from showracemenu and use SPF in console for saving your character.

2. Now open CK and (i know you are already have follower but just in case it is better if you create it from the start again) create new follower. In follower settings in CK - find where you need to import yourfollower.npc file. and import it. Then set up your follower weight and height with the same numbers as you set up in showracemenu before. Then setup the rest (follower stuff , skills and etc) save. Then in CK put your follower in the location in skyrim. Then use (ctrl +F4) for exporting your follower facegen data.

3 Next , (i personaly use this amazing program NifMerge for easy merging faces created in showracemenu with default face i got in ck when creating follower.) use nifmerge for merging head nif you saved before from racemenu with default face created in CK. Done. If the weight and height numbers of your follower in both CK and racemenu are the same , neck seam wont be there.

I guess you know mostly of the stuff i wrote here. But i just want you to see the whole picture. Hope this will help you. As for the scar position , hmm i dont know, i never had any problems with it, so i simply dont know.


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