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How About Create a Quest about Transgenders


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But, it should be a team work.


1. The quest can be based on a rescue mission of the shemale followers, one by one.

"SexLab Solutions" or "The Animal Mansion" writers may can help.

2. A good skin creator, who can inspired from real transgender pornstars like:


Kalena Rios

Bianca Freire

Alexia Freire

Sarina Valentina

3. I couldn' t find any "anus animation" for an intercourse. Maybe, someone can create it for a body.

4. A realistic anus design.

5. Maybe it can be needed new Sex animations for just for transgenders.

6. b3lisario may can make an add-on like "SOS - Equipable Schlong - no vagina" in future.

7. All the armors can be lingerie (craftable), that don' t cover penis. High Heels, stockings, gloves, front part opened panties, transparent, fishnet, etc... You name it...

8. After rescuing the girls, the main goal can be protect them in a house like "Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite" by Migal

Maybe, they can live in a valley like "Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley" by Andragon

9. Someone who knows about skills, powers, can arrange the girls' skills.

10. About the races of the girls, you can decide democratically, and/or you can make your own.


Everything that I ask for takes time, and a real hard work. Nobody is miracle maker. This is a just for fun to get some more experience, do something nobody had done, or do something better than before.


This can take months, maybe a year.


I know nobody from this forum. I' m not a modder or an experienced game player.

I hope some people read this message, and tell their comments.


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wont happen you are calling here some modders you dont know but you know they allready have mods to maintain update or even finish most mods are in beta for a reason because they are not done with their features and want to make them spend a extreme amount of time for something only you or only a minority want to use I doubt that.

spoiler contains longer bit more annoyed version since this kind of questions appear way to often




and then you wake up?

1..2. 4. :Sorry but you basically want a new body with a detailed anus whyever with some super skin texture that looks like a pornstar ok how about you use one of the bodys that are  allready there and get sos schlong for your female character if you want the look of a pornstar do it yourself thats what racemenu and ece are there for.

3. Anus animation? maybe I get this wrong but there are dozens of anal sex scenes...

7. Well without wanting to offend you but deal with the fact that your wishes are for a minority so I doubt a team of modder will create armors that only transgender characters can wear.

8. protect? from what? if you want to live in a house like xxx why dont you simply use the house like xxx both mods you posted are allready there get yourself some followers and you are done...

9. like its done for every follower out there and like you can do it simply with the console for every npc even your pc by console



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Thank you for your respond. I even don't know how to use ECE, Racemenu, Console, NMM, TES5Edit, nothing... I'm totally out of this world.


Now, my biggest problem is that I can' t play Skyrim last five months, because of I couldn't made a good configuration. I always get CTD. Can you help about this?


About the quest. Forget about it. I agree with you. If I could have knowledge, I could try.



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