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How to change standalone hair color?

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Hello guys, sorry for bad English, this is my first topic so i was not allowed to post any image or link.


- I'm using Yzandra and Shaelyn - Standalone Followers mod and these sisters have blonde hair color, so i want to change Shaelyn hair color to red color or scarlet. I looked into Data\textures\actors\character\Shaelyn\Hair and found 2 dds file. So i opened these file with photoshop (using NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop) and these are hair texture with yellow color. I filied red color over these textures and then save overwrite old files. But nothing change after all, still blonde hair.

- Please help me, i dont know how to change my follower hair's color, should i change any thing else after changed those 2 dds files

p/s : and also i want to know how to change follower lips color too




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