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CTD on female nudity

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As the title says, whenever I make any female, myself or npc, go nude, I crash to desktop with no message.



Skyrim. esm=1
Dawnguard. esm=1
Dragonborn. esm=1
HearthFires .esm=1
Update .esm=1
Unofficial Skyrim Patch. esp=1
SexLab .esm=1
SexLabAroused .esm=1
Devious Devices - Integration .esm=1
Schlongs of Skyrim - Core. esm=1
Devious Devices - Assets esm=1
hdtHighHeel. esm=1
Devious Devices - Expansion. esm=1
ZaZAnimationPack. esm=1
CreatureFramework. esm=1
Schlongs of Skyrim. esp=1
Rouge The Bat Head Mod 2. esp=1
FNISspells. esp=1
Rouge The Bat Head. esp=1
Rouge The Bat. esp=1
Rouge The Bat Nude. esp=1
Rouge The Bat Nude Mod 2 .esp=1
SkyUI. esp=1
SOSRaceMenu. esp=1
SOS Equipable Schlong .esp=1
SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon. esp=1
Devious Deviants .esp=1
Brawl Bugs CE. esp=1
Trapped in Rubber. esp=1
Working Dog. esp=1
SOS - Smurf Average Addon. esp=1
SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon. esp=1
SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon. esp=1
SOS - Shop. esp=1
Werewolves. esp=1
SexLabDefeat. esp=1
SexLabMatchMaker. esp=1
MoreNastyCritters. esp=1
HentaiCreatures. esp=1
SexLabNudeCreaturesDG. esp=1
SexLabNudeCreatures. esp=1
SexLabNudeCreaturesDB. esp=1

I've tried Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) ,the nude suit included with SexLab, and Sexlab_UNP_Nudesuit, but it still CTD's when I strip or an animation starts. Is there something that I need to remove or add that would make this work? Thank you for your time.
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