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VTMB Mega-Mod 2014


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does anyone have this mod downloaded for upload because the site it was originally hosted on has taken it down due to - 


One more piece of bad news: my VTMB Mega-Mod, which I made available to everyone in the general public earlier this year, has been taken offline indefinitely. People were downloading it too many times each day... so many times in fact, that the Mega-Mod package was chewing up all of our allotted monthly bandwidth within a matter of less than a week. As some of you may recall, I moved our entire web site over to a cheaper host back in February, because I could no longer justify the expense of running this site from a dedicated private server. The activity on this board has been low and meanwhile, our expenses were high. And since hardly anyone was making financial contributions to tessmage.com, I decided that my best option was to move us over to "shared" hosting, which is MUCH cheaper than having a dedicated server. But there's a reason why shared plans are cheaper... we are now sharing the same server hardware with perhaps a dozen other web sites. This is why shared hosting plans have quite a few restrictions upon such things as bandwidth and resource usage. Well, all of those Mega-Mod downloads were chewing up our allotments very quickly and our new hosts were becoming rather irate about it. 

And so, I was forced to take down the Mega-Mod, until we can figure out some alternate way of distributing it. If we can't come up with a better plan, then I suppose the VTMB Mega-Mod will be gone for good. I regret that very much, but it's not as if I have a lot of choice in this matter. That mod package is nearly 2 gigabytes in size and when twenty people per day are trying to download it, our bandwidth allotment was being used up at an alarming rate. Something had to go... and that something had to be the Mega-Mod. I simply can't afford to host it on this site anymore.

Believe me when I tell you that none of this is what I want. This is not just "Tessera being pissy again," or anything else of that nature. It is exactly as I have stated it: the Mega-Mod can no longer be hosted on this server, because there isn't enough money available to pay for its bandwidth and resource usage costs. 



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Has this moron never heard of torrents...?


He's evidently a nutty egomaniac. Where most modders do it for the love of the game and the community, he's concerned about credit and intellectual property and shit.


A couple of his good ones (For VV and Jeanette) are in a previous post on this topic, though.

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