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[REQ] Two Handed Sword Equip Animation Style like MMO ? Plz?


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Hey, it's me again! Here is a little request for anyone who is interested on that part. Okay, here's the deal - and not ordeal - ................. :D - get it? Like deal/ordeal? It's a deal? Oh, come on! Okay, okay, sorry, let's proceed to the request! - 

Well, has anyone ever imagined or wanted or had a mod with a heavy sword/two handed sword, being held only on one hand? Yeah, you're gonna tell me " But dude, there are tons and tons of mods with that animation! Get over with it!" And I say " Yes, you're right! BUT!!! This kind of idle animation, that, i, am, telling, to, you, is about the MMO style!!! :D 

- You guys  : The "shock" you mean bruh? 

- Me : Well, here's a little heads up!!!







btw his name is : Elleon Kubel from TERA. 

See that awesome guy on the left? Yeah, something like that, just an idle animation, nothing more. Like, he is standing still, and the sword is halfway behind him whilst he is holding it in his hand. It can be a scripted mod, like Yamato katana weapon? From the DMC?

I know it's a lot to ask, seriously, I do, I am ashamed and sad to have the nerve to post something like this. But, if someone knows/have and willing to share that kind of mod i'm talking about, I bet not only me, but everyone else would feel appreciated and grateful to that person. And believe me, i'm not just talk and talk, I really do appreciate the work and the effort of everyone and I try to show it with the most respect always. 

Well, that's all, I'm sorry it took too long for me to express my request, I sincerely hope the Admins and all the Members here, aren't mad at me. Thank you for your time!  

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I am quite honestly way into this idea. Too many mods cater to the gritty nature of Skyrim, with all the barbaric animations, when in reality your character came from outside of Skyrim. The sword techniques of the Akavir or Redguards would be fancy as hell, and would likely have an idle like that. Maybe even the Elves would. I doubt they'd all be swinging their weapon around like a child swings a baseball bat and a burglar.

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I doubt they'd all be swinging their weapon around like a child swings a baseball bat and a burglar.

Unfortunately that's exactly what's so often portrayed, just a matter of how fancy. Realistic melee combat isn't fancy, it's functional, it is a martial art after all.


If anything, you'd want to be using more realistic techniques to get away from the brutish silliness. Shame Bethesda evidently doesn't know how medieval combat even works and designs the games around that ignorance.

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