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Sorry if this sounds silly, but i can't find any relevant setting in Sexlab, other than "orientation", which though doesn't seem to do anything nor in any mods like Arousal or Further Lovers Comfort.


The issue is this. If my player character is female, in female/female animations, it's always the other NPC that gets a dildo equiped and my character takes the role of the "female". Is there a setting that can make my character assume the "male" role in female/female interations? I read one can press a key to switch animations positions, but is there a better way to do this automatically?



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There is or was a mod being worked on that controlled sex acts and positions. I forget the name off the top of my head, it was a wip when I last checked it. But it might be what you are looking for.



Thanks for the reply. At least now i know that i am not missing some option in the common mods. I just found it strange that when my toon found a wife (and my toon is female and the wife was also female), it was always the wife having the strapon.


At least now the mystery is cleared and i know that this is normal.

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