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ENB Help low Fps

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I tried using ENB's for the first time, before i just stuck them in NMM and thought it was done, now i realized that was not how it worked so i tried using one.




i also got the v0.269 enb and used that

when i went into my game i went down to 40fps then 28-30 when not sitting.


Here are my computer specs

Intel® core i5-4670 CPU @3.40 GHz


GTX 760


anything i'm doing wrong? I'm still new to using ENB's.


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It takes a lot outta me trying to explain this stuff on a case by case basis.


Yes you did something wrong, that said you have quite a bit of FPS with it installed.


Really that's quite good FPS.


I'm not that interested in doing more than pointing you to the right places.


We're talking a shit ton of reading and hell no I don't want to help point per point on this that's like a lot of time.



I really feel that the ENB "authors" are at fault here man.


They really should be expected to post links and direct people to much more than here's my ENB :D


The fact is they assume you know how to do all this stuff already.


You have to


Have optimized your game already, this is tedious to explain case by case....

Have the knowledge to optimize textures

Have the knowledge to optimize the ENB Local ini


Know what mods might conflict


These guys never really cover any of this, they don't tell you best practices check list to try it at the start of a new game before installing other mods.


Maybe 2-5 evenings worth of work involved.


There is no magic bullet.

Optimization Stuff.txt

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