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Switching between body types

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I am thinking of starting a new playthrough and I'm also thinking of using a different body type for this one. I wanted to ask what impact will changing the body type have (7b with CBBE for example).


I know that I won't be able to use certain armors and I'd also have to change the devious devices, but I'm also wondering if I have to reinstall FNIS or other stuff that involves animations or something else I should be aware of. I have a considerable amount of mods installed and I've managed to keep the game relatively stable. I just wanted to ask this, hoping I would be spared spending too much time fiddling with my mods. 


Thanks in advance for any answers :)

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Nah, animations only need the skeleton. So, if you keep FNIS and XPMSE up-to-date, you're fine with that.


Afaik, the body is put over the skeleton and manages the look and textures. So, if you install a new body, you'll need new armors and a new body texture. Things like brow or eye textures are still usable, though.


I've seen, that Bodyslide now has both, CBBE and a customizable UNP (called UUNP), so I wou'l recommend you to download Bodyslide anyways, as I also recommend you to saty with either CBBE or a verison of UNP, because those are the most popular ones.

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