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How to Change NPCs Outfit ?


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I want a mod that help me change npcs outfit or armor. i want to change camilla outfit and other followers or normal npcs but i dont want to change armor or outfit through Console command.


is there a mod that help me to do that. (camilla use other body type and i want to make her use a armor mod for that body.)

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Equipping items onto normal NPCs with the console will just cause them to change back into their regular clothes the next time the actor refreshes, since their assigned outfits are what they wear until they receive an inventory update. The way I've been doing this is using Extensible Follower Framework to force recruit NPCs, allowing it to use SKSE to save new outfits for them, and then giving them the things I want them to wear (or just stripping them naked, that works too) before I let them go.

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