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leveled lists in the save


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yesterday, in a high level dungeon, i saw some weaks level 3 bandits, too many for my taste

decided to get rid of them


found them in requiem for the indifferrent esp, thousands of level 3/7/13... weaks bandits

too many to boost them manually, so i deleted them and their leveled list to make the game only load skyrim/obis bandits





the save still use the old leveled list, and for some reason, most are from requiem


no problem on a new save







is there a way to make the game replace the leveled lists from the save, by the one from the load order?

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But if your altering something like that shouldn't you go to an interior cell like Breezehome and Wait for 30 days to force a world reset?


that's for edits of worldspace or cells, those things only get in the save temporary

instead of waiting 30 days, why not put the global setting to 1 day and just wait 1 day? then put back the global setting at 30 day


skyrim immersive creature is 4mo and i won't take care of the npcs asis didn't take care of (too many npc)

in requiem for the indifferent, there's 10 mo of bandits level 3/7/13...


getting those out of the leveled list would be faster, problem is those leveled lists are in the save

if you edit lydia weight in tesedit, that's won't apply in game if you already meet her, you have to setnpcweight xx

i am looking for something like that to reload leveled lists


Use the mod called Sands of Time, tons of high level npcs, random encounters etc.


"It is highly recommended to start a new game."


because the leveled lists won't be upgrade on a save that already have its leveled lists

already have tons of high level npcs, i use obis and skyrim immersive creatures

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