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[Req/Idea] Just a few quick questions (Genderbend, armor, etc.)


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  Hey there! Just a couple of quick questions that crossed my mind and I'd like to see if there's a mod out there that already does these things, or rather if not, if they're infact doable. I've got a few visions of how the

mods would work, but instead of making a detailed idea thread I'd like to first know if these are actually possible, and if so, which are worth chasing after. I have little to no experience myself when it comes to modding, and thus

can't really do anything else than make these suggestions :P



  Firstly, is there any mod that changes the player's gender on death? If not, would it be possible to connect with DAYMOYL for instance, either having preset female to change into, or prompting racemenu to change gender?

I've got no idea if this would be hard to do, but it'd be awesome especially combined with Disparity.



  Next idea I had in mind relies on PSQ and Fill Her up, both of which are no longer being updated by the authors I think? Is there a way to combine these mods, so that the inflation is dependant on PSQ's satiation, or other way around?

I've got no idea if this is technically viable, but again, I'd just like to know if there's anything that could be done before I give up my hopes. Without further knowledge I think it'd be easier to insert bellynode-inflation

to PSQ straight away, but I've got no idea how to do that either. 



  In my last naked playthrough as Beastess I came across the spell "Cum Armor" from SexLab Leveling. The spell here works simply as a spell, but I thought would it be possible to actually make the cum texture add

 armor while on you, dependant on the SexLab effects. Again, a perfect mod to base this off would be the ScocLB, as the four cum states are already integrated as magic effects.




Thanks a lot for any futher information!

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I guess genderbend can probably be done somehow, as I am pretty sure I have had it happen due to bugs a few times (to quite hilarious effect). I guess to be done properly it would require the user to create two headmorphs that resemble eachother one for male version of your race and one for the female. But as far as I am aware a mod matching your precise needs does not exist.

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prompting a genderbend and character re-creation would be hell of an awesome idea...expecially for enslavement mods...you know...you get "repurposed after that encounter", but it is more advisable to make it work once as an event in a situation, because otherwise you simply use character creation through cheat console.


Since this is a "hardcore" modding site this could be directly linked with a sex mod component (hence the reason for "repurposing" the captive).

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