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I know it would be hard to o but a Lord of the Flies Skyrim?

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This is for my daughter who I showed the RCOTS changes and she really wants a skyrim of all children.  I have turned my 10 year old into a skyrim modder/ animie geek lol.  Since i don't make mods myself I can only assume this would require manually changing all the data on every named person and all bandit/vampire/guard/ every other generic person in the game to child data correct?  Or is there a program that can do it once and load it into a mod for you?  Or has it already been done and i just can't find it.

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Regarding a program to turn adults into children - never heard of anything like it.

Regarding a mod that would do what your daughter wants - never heard of a mod like that either. Also I highly doubt such a mod exists.

There would be a higher chance for any of the above if RCOTS was a one-of-a-kind mod. Unfortunatelly there are at least 4 good mods that change children in the similar way.


Regarding doing the mod yourself (or having your daughter do it, no matter): everything depends on how good you want it done. The problem are heads (and armors too).

Unless you're ok with NPCs having vanilla adult faces (including beards and all), you'd have to create a new face for every NPC.

On top of that you'd have to edit all spawns to use children instead of adults, yes.

Also you'd need a child version for every armor in the game, even those unusable, or some NPCs will go around naked. I doubt RCOTS covers unusable armors, but even if it does, then all mods that add new armors would need to be converted to child version or removed from the game.

The list of things you'd have to do I wrote above is most probably still incomplete, these were just my first thoughts.


Anyway - the biggest problem are faces.

The number of NPCs in the game: 2549+225+17+366 (Skyrim+Danwguard+Hearthfire+Dragonborn).

You'd have to create faces from scratch for 80-98% of them. That's a lot of faces.


I guess it answers the question.


Also I'd like to point out that turning all adults in the game to children will break most of the quests.

Skyrim involves killing NPCs as quest objectives, and since children are unkillable and undamagable in vanilla Skyrim, you can't complete the quest.

(Funny enough player *can* be damaged and killed even being a child.)

Unkillable children is Bethesda's attempt to make the game more "for children", or that's what they said at least.

This behavior can be modded though.

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