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Spruce up the Flagon


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First off, I want to thank all the amazing mods put out by very talented people.  Amazing.  I love Skyrim even more.  


I do see a need to spruce up the Flagon.  After all, the Dragonborn has filled up the shops.  Even Delvin says, "Look at this place."  So I did, and it's still the same dreary place it's always been.  


I would love to see someone come up with a mod that makes that place come alive after Dragonborn has completed his tasks for Delvin.  Turn that water area into a pool with a circular bar in the middle.  Girls in bikinis, or naked for that matter.  Get some other stores instead of the standard potions etc.  Maybe a sex shop?  Or have a dominatrix set up shop.  Turn on some lights in the place.  


Most of all, if the place is happening, then lets put some people of Skyrim in there.  Maybe Ulfric is down for a drink and chance to hit on Vex.  But there is so much that can be done with that place.  Stripper poles?  Maven walking around in a dominatrix outfit?  


Just an idea.  I have no skills when it comes to modding so I throw this out there for some talented soul to take it on.  



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Most souls that mod are doing their own projects and don't have time for charity wish fulfillment. You got two options if you want to see this:


- Make it yourself.

- Put your money where your mouth is. How much is a custom mod worth to you and do you think you can get a modder at that price?

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