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Looking for some specific "roguelike" games


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Hey guys,

im looking for some very specific kind of "roguelike" games like one of my favourite playstation games calles azure dreams or like a roguelike called one way heroics i recently discovered. What i really love about these games is this 2D turnbased gameplay with totally randomized elements so can anyone name me some more games like the ones i mentioned. I wasnt able to find any game like these so maybe you guys can help me out.

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ah one way heroic, cheap but addicting...

some roguelike that I like and played:
- Hero Siege (arena type)
- Rogue Legacy (like dark soul but in 2D, and with different character everytime you die)


Some roguelike games, that I have it in my library, but I haven't got time to play it yet:

- Hammer Watch (it seems nice)

- Binding of Issac (the first one, I haven't got the rebirth)


Btw, it seems you're looking for Roguelike with a RPG element. Try those I mentioned above, it's all RPG except binding of issac.

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