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Massive CTD - need your help

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Hey all,


im having heavy issues since my last new-installation of skyrim.


of course im using plenty of mods (DLC List Attached)

having them installed via Nexus Mod Manager.


one thing i did manually: copied meshes from female -> to ningheim female (for XPMS Skeleton)


unfortunaltey i have no idea of papyrus-log-reading, so i attached my log as well.

it is pretty heavy for a new-character !?!?!



maybe you guys can help me. im very sad and desperate right now. i spend days in looking for my errors....

but coudnt find the problem.


i already installed everything new, and bundles of mods seperately.


i always create a new character for testing !

mostly im experiencing CTDs when:

- entering a punishment-scene like whipping (testing this via Mod: MariaEden punish scene)

- before, during, after a sex-scene

- when entering new zones / areas


thank you !!







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The first thing I would suggest is to use loot to short your load order. Notice that any unoficiall patch must go right under the related dlc. For example. UnoficiallDraginbornpatch.esp must be right after Dragonborn.esm etc.


After you run loot, run TESVedit to see if there are any conflicts in that load order. I never did manage to make any sense of the log so I can help you with that.

Finally, there might be a memory issue so you might want to dump the HighResTextures. Bumer I know. 

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Well looking at your log and modlist you have SD frostfall plugin enabled and are not using Frostfall. So disable SD frostfall and then try it. (Watch what you tick in the SD installation). Though not sure as whenever I do that I do not even make it into the game (CTD on startup). Havent done it in quite a while tho.


I personally wouldnt run SD and Maria Eden at the same time either. And quite sure it is recommended not to do so on the Maria Eden mod page.

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hey guys,

thanks for your help.


re-arranging load-order (regarding the patches) helped, it seems so

as well as deleting the sanguine debauchery frostfall patch. looks like it wars part of an old mod.


im continuing testing :)


PS: i guess im too stupid for understanding how LOOT + TESVedit works......


sadly my papyrus log is still 1MB big with many errors.....

dunno.... why


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ok hey, i managed so far to play with less CTDs at the moment.

looks like the load-order helped a bit.


but the problem is now moved to a saving issue.

70% of saving a game it crashes to desktop.


i attach the latest papyrus... maybe you can read it once ?


alternatively: is there any tool or something "easy" where i can learn to understand what the papyrus shows me and how to fix it?


thank you guys !


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Hello anomalic

If I may give you a piece of advice : shorten your mods list. Are all those mods really necessary ?
Even vanilla Skyrim will crash, thanks to its shitty engine. So don't give it so many reasons to do it.
And use Mod Organizer. It can be a pain at first to learn how it works but believe me, it is far better than nexus mod manager.

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I have lots of ctd when I try to load a save. Because of all those 'nesessary' almost 2000 animations it runs out of memory like on steroids. You can have something similar.

Ugh. It crashed 20 times in a row right now. I want to kill someone. Preferably skyrim engine creator. But better yet, I'll go to sleep. Hope you will resolve your issue. ^_^

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You really should download and install


Sheson Memory Block Log


Recently SKSE 1.7.2 may not be applying the Mem Block Fix in other words if your at the default setting of 256 your probably needing like a block of 368 not to crash.


Anyway your likely just running out of memory for all the npc's needing to be loaded into the game.


I don't want to get into a full blown explanation on this but if your not using the SKSE mem fix or if its not working which can happen your going to crash and if your placing way more memory in those blocks than you need your going to crash.


The Memory Block Log is specifically meant to help players determine the following, is the memory fix working and how much overhead memory do you need.


Misconception of Memory Fix, DAMN this is the biggest.  A lot of players think they need to allocate a metric shit ton of memory here.  What they don't know is that Sheson already said allocating a metric shit ton may cause crashes.  He wants you to only use like 20MB more than what your system needs in the toughest spots...That's it


Cause the memory blocks count against the 3.1 G limit allotted to the game at run time.  That's right the mem fix doesn't add more memory it just forces the engine to allocate the memory it is allowed to use differently.  This is all so those extra npc's don't crash you.

But I don't have extra NPC's?

Uh the Vanilla Game will at times need more than 256 allotted memory just not to crash, sux for a consul user doesn't it?


explained way more than I wanted too.

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