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If Valve abused their power to cease control

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I was thinking about something that scared me quite a bit. I don't feel like discussing this on the steam platform, nor any other place where steam might lurk.


It is actually possible for Valve to VAC secure Skyrim, so that if you modded the game you couldn't play it.

The VAC system can be modified into allowing certain mods, while any unknown mods results in a VAC ban and your right to use the product on their service ceases. While you still own the product Skyrim, you just don't have the right to use it via Steam. That is technically possible.


I know that there will be potential work arounds, but that's not the point of this discussion.


The point is not whether or not it's technically possible, but rather..


Would it actually be possible for Valve to do this legally?

I am not certain about the laws on this matter, and I fear what could potentially happen if Valve went that last step to secure monopoly on Skyrim modding.


I am basically asking about the laws regarding this, if it became a thing hypothetically.


Kind regards :)

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