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SL seems to be slowing down with high level character

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I've been running with a lvl 119 character and each and every SL animation seems to be incredibly slow to start, hotkeys not working.. and at times there is no progression to the next animation and it freezes the game. The screen is not frozen, I just can't seem to move on to the next animation and some times stopping the anim through the MCM works. Some times.


When I load up the exact same character, same mods, same game but at an earlier lower level save, there doesn't seem to be any issue.


Also at these higher level characters, basic quests are not completing. Is this a known bug with 100+ level PCs?

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its a known bug with script lag.  :cool:

1. Check your save game with a save tool to see if there any loose scripts.

2. Kill a dragon. Yes kill a dragon. If you do Not absorb his health then your game is seriously loaded with scripts. try to wait in game a couple of hourse to see if that fixes it.



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