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Sexlab Defeat issues


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Greetings friends, and foes alike. I am very new to Lover's Lab, so I am having issues with manually loading mods onto my game, in saying that. I am having issues with a mod called, "Sexlab Defeat" in which the problem is that my character can get raped like normal, however after the rape I just lay there until I can clean the issue, then she will go ahead and stand back up and I will be allowed to fight back afterwards. An issue will pop up, every time I get raped not just once in a while, and even 2 or three times I'll have to go back in and clean once more just to continue the rape scene. There has been times where I've been raped in a dungeon and then fell through the ground ending back up at the entrance to the dungeon. For sure I know that these issues are not normal, though since I know absolutely nothing about manual installation of the mod, I have no clue where to begin to even figure out how to fix the issues. If anyone might know how to fix this issue, so that my mod works properly, or how it should without me having to clean the mod each rape scene, I would be very grateful.

I've been looking at the issue in the forums, and it doesn't seem that anyone else is having the issue, mainly just problems where there FNIS isn't working, or they weren't paying attention to the options, I've gone through everything trying to figure out what the issue might be, and I have come up with absolutely nothing...

These are the mods I currently am using, the base framework mods, and mods required for most of the Sexlab's mods to work, I have them all. Though, the ones that aren't required that I have that could be the issue though, I doubt it would be, Succubus Race mod from Nikitaa, ApachiiHair, Succubus sexy clothing from Nikitaa, Sexy Pose, More Nasty Critters, as well as quite a few more, that have absolutely nothing to do with the rape mod to begin with.


If you have any questions whatsoever that might help you identify the problem, please ask but make sure you speak like you're talking to a child because I lack the knowledge of a lot of code, mods, and files.

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I suggest you use http://modwat.chto create a proper mod list, so we can diagnose it. 

Sexlab runs scripts via Papyrus, as does Defeat, so when you have many scriptheavy mods active, it might spazz out. On top of that, even if it is technically compatible, 'Death Alternative - Your Money Or Your Life' can cause issues, when installed. In fact, it is causing the game of many non-SL users to spazz out and hang up in the 'dead and downed' statr.

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Sexlab runs scripts via Papyrus, as does Defeat, so when you have many scriptheavy mods active, it might spazz out. On top of that, even if it is technically compatible, 'Death Alternative - Your Money Or Your Life' can cause issues, when installed. In fact, it is causing the game of many non-SL users to spazz out and hang up in the 'dead and downed' statr.

Sorry but this is nonsense

1. Defeat is 100% compatibel with death alternative the "dead and downed" issue only occures if you are to dumb to set up the mods so 2 or more mods try to trigger scenes after dead

2. For the heavy scripted mods I can only say I have a bunch of heavy scripted mods and never run into any issue so I call this also nonsense either it works or you crash, but "spazzing out" from my understanding the word "spazzing out" its impossible to make the game spazzing out with scripts either it works or crash scripts can interfere with eachother but this is 100% sure not the case here and is not what I understand under the pharse "spazzing out"

For the op:


however after the rape I just lay there until I can clean the issue

You know that you have to struggle yourself up with A and D buttons after a rape? if you just lay on the ground you either dont struggle up or whatever event should happen after the rape scene dosent trigger if this is the case check your settings properly also if this dosent help give us a papyrus log so we can see if there is something in your log


Try a new game and see if you have the same issues there if you want to and report until we have further info from you (papyrus log, check your settings)

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Thank you ChasmX, admittedly though, I'm not sure how to copy over a Papyrus log over, also when I just lay there there is no other option to do anything at all. As I said, I can't move until I can clean the SexLabs Defeat. Then it will allow me to get up, however it appears I have found out how to stop flying through the bottom of the map, and for now there was a patch that I thought I installed but I guess I didn't, and it cleared up some of the issue. I still have a lot of issues with the mods I am using, sometimes when I continue my saved game it will crash soon as it finishes loading into the game, also there are some creatures that I can't get to have sex with my character, such as the Dragon, when my character is knocked down to struggle, the Dragon just flies off and doesn't do anything until I get up then kills me, so I switched it over to TIM to fix it, and the Dragon just glitches my character by execute biting it. It may not kill the character, but it screws everything up so I have to load anyways, so basically just like killing my character.

Currently I am still trying to swim my way through the issues fixing them as I can, however at the moment I am not sure what the biggest problem is with my game, the patch cleared up most of Defeat and the rest of the issues I am having, I'm not sure if it's just because of the sheer amount of mods running on my game that are colliding with each other, or if it's just bugs in the mods themselves, It could also be the fact that I am running base Skyrim, no expansions and a lot of these mods probably need full expansions to run properly, and completely.

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I run nearly every mod you find here on loverslab they are not interfering with eachother if the settings are properly done if you need help with something else don't be afraid to ask. When I started modding I also had to fight my way trough problems with every error you fix you gain some expierience.

If you crash when loading a savegame this is a common issue you can use a "kickstart" savegame make a save right after character creation or in a small cell like some cellar now before you load the savegame you actualy want to use you load your "kickstart" savegame I have to do this allways.

Another help for the savegame and skyrim performance overall is the following:

1. Download and install SKSE 1.7.1 (or newer)
2. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data and see if you have a SKSE folder with an SKSE.ini file inside. If you do, add these values to SKSE.ini:


If you don't have an SKSE.ini file, create one using the editor


For the dragons, well dragons are not like other animals they are buggy or better difficult to handle I disabled the dragon scenes completly I only trigger them with the hentai creatures which are inclueded in more nasty critters.


If you want to copy a papyrus log just well open it copy it and post it in a [spo iler][/spo iler] or just attatch the file by clicking on more reply options and then its below the text window



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You clearly know what you're talking about, I'm quite impressed, as I stated I am rather new to the Loverslab type mods, it doesn't appear that I am having anymore issues with loading saved games after following your directions, and I guess I can ignore the dragon rape, although i would love to get that working, seeing as I only have the base game, I can't get the Hentai Mod to activate because it's only for people who have the other two expansions which would allow me to enable the other two addons that it gives, including the Hentai Addon.


In saying that I am having an issue I desperately want to get fixed. I've downloaded the mod, "Sexlabs Arousal", as well as all the mods it requires to work properly, and I've fooled around with the settings in it as well, however the problem I am having is that, even though I have NPC rape enabled, I can't get them to rape anyone except for my character, they will all just sit at 100% arousal and then take turns raping my characters, I have sat in locations and turned everyone naked, with the option to make them all aroused when people are looking at them naked... However as I said they just continue what they're doing with 100% arousal ignoring each other. In order for me to watch them and make sure they don't start fooling around with my character  I turn it so that I am not naked, however as I stated, my character is the only one that they will rape, not each other.

I am seeing a situation where, they are trying to do it. Basically they will chase each other around the place, as in trying to start a brawl for rape, however they just continue on with whatever they were doing a few seconds later as if nothing happened, with no rape animation played.


Is it possible that you might know how to fix the situation? I really wanted it to be that I could walk into the cities and there is a mass orgy everywhere, lol.


At any rate, I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me out, and I apologize for bringing these to your attention. 

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What mod are you using that should make them rape each other? Sexlab aroused has no option that would trigger any kind of rape scene.


Edit: I assume you use lovers victim that is linked on the sexlab aroused page there is a patch http://www.loverslab.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=119661if you don't use lovers victim as said above which mod are you using that should trigger the npc rape scenes?


Lovers Victim seems to don't be up to date if you go trough the last few pages there are a bunch of people reporting problems as yours try the patch if it don't work well since I'm no modder I guess you have to get rid of it until the author or someone else fixes it.


Also if you use lovers vicitm (I don't use it) there seems so be a problem with Death alternative so keep your eyes up if you have the same issue you should get rid of it if you don't have issues you can keep it


Hey guys, can anyone tell me if Lover's Victim can be configured to be somewhat compatible with Defeat and Death Alternative?


I'm having some weird issues after the brawls, some times my camera get stuck in first person after being raped for losing one, or none of the command keys work (E, Q, Tab, etc), or PC stay's in bleed out and cant move. :(


I did a search for keywords but nothing came up.



Thanks for any info.

What he describes is what I said the infinite bleedout happens when 2 or more mods trigger on bleedout (player on knees)

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I deeply apologize for the late reply, unfortunately I have work, and sleep that takes up the majority of my time, after I downloaded the patch, I still am having the issue, where they are just raping my character, rather than raping each other. And yes, it is Lover's Victim, I am not sure why i stated that it was Arousal, I must of been extremely tired at the time, I apologize for that.


I really hate to have to uninstall the mod, or disable it, as it was what I was looking for, I really want to find a mod where everyone is getting raped in the towns, and that was my best chance. It makes me sad, to be honest. Do you know how I can download properly, "Procreation" mod, I did it with Sexlabs Procreation but it's not even showing up in my SkyUI, and it isn't NMM compatible. I did put it in my Skyrim Data Folder, and still it didn't show up or activate.


I am happy though that you have been so patient with me these this past week, and I'm sorry about having these issues, please take your time replying to this comment, when ever you feel like it, I'll keep my eye on the forum, lol.


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No "SexLab Procreation" menu shows up in MCM.

This only seems to happen with SkyUI 3.4. If you don't want to update to SkyUI 4.0 for some reason, save your game and reload. I'm not entirely sure what causes this. It might have something to do with load order but I don't know. Anyway, just save and reload a


I installed the mod but nothing is happening.

Try waiting a day or two and the menstruation phase should start. Also, you have to be female. NPC pregnancy is currently not supported.


For the Procreation mod see the quotes above


Well if you want something like lovers victim maybe you can use sexlab more devious quests

http://www.loverslab.com/topic/40471-devious-device-more-devious-quest/its purpose is besides comments on "your" or npc sluttiness level it also triggers a sex scene if the characters or npc's get to aroused you can disable the player part and only use it for npc's you may try it out


For the problem with defeat try a new game and see if the error is still there if not you can try to use a savegame cleaner on the save where the issue occures

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I am new with these mods, but they are working great, guess it is newbe luck, but I have a question. I see the videos and pictures of Sexlab Defeat, and I can see in the upper left side corner a description of what Is happening to the victim such as Draughour spills his seed in ... or Sabre Cat is attempting to rape you, etc.  But when the events trigger, I don't get such notifications, Is there a setting or something I am missing to do?


Thank you

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