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White Vivienne (aka lore friendly) Mod yet?


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Dragon Age had been out for a while and someone on Nexus has modded her makeup and looks www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/247/? however I really want a mod that makes more sense in the lore preferable turning her into a more lore friendly orlesian 



Like the one in this picture. I am sure someone has the skills somewhere. 



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I'm not trying to get racial or anything but I'm willing to bet there is a reason they made her Black instead of white. If you look at DA:O and DA2 all the characters where white with varying shades. This could have been an attempt to placate those that would yell about there being no black people in games......OTHER then Grand Theft Auto which paints them in a bad light.

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Unless they figure out how to import/export heads for DAI no will be able to change her features. Otherwise you'd end with a white skinned Viv with her regular facial features.


That said she's not white because she isn't from Orlais. She's from Wycome in the Free Marches and is of Rivani heritage. Rivanis are dark skinned - like Isabela (or Duncan who should have had darker skin than he did in DAO).


Had she been born in Orlais it'd make sense for her to be paler. But she wasn't.

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