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Cant get fully naked ++

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My character (male) nor the npc im fucking wont get naked even tho i have Undress on Always on both female/male/player.

They only do it in their underwear,lol


Also if i use fexample a bodysuit armor like jumpsuit or whatever i only see my head and hands when i have sex in game. So to actually see my body i have to undress manually, but i still dont see my dick or her tits and ass. 

Everything else works fine. Dialogues, sex positions, sounds.. 

Im new to this but isnt there a simple mod that just makes all bodys nude when we "do it". ? This is confusing and boring cause i cant find a thread with the same issues.

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If you install SexoutNG with the default options, then both males and females fully get naked duing sex scenes. Males will be in their underwear when naked but not having sex.


If that isn't working, it means you've either told sexout to not use its bodysuit, or you installed some other body mod that's overriding the bodies.


The lesson here is that you should install one mod at a time and test them. When you install a dozen or a hundred of them all at once before testing any of them, figuring out what is causing your problems becomes a lot of work -- more work than it would have been to test them one at a time in the first place.

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Found out that the sexout bodies wasnt loading like it should. Problem solved!


Now i wonder.. I installed sexout and all that after following the guide in here.

The slavery mod what was in the guide, is it supposed to be in mod configuration ingame?

The only mods i can see in mod config ingame ia sexoutNg and smalltalk.


Do you have any links to a mod that checks if all mods work properly?


Also are there any mods to make the npcs body different looking? Feels like all are the same. Would be cool if i could randomly meet like a more chubby girl or a skinny one i guess you know what i mean.

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