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Body Texture Glitch


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I am using Bijin warmaidens individual packages. I changed the Nifs(body+hands) to 7B as described on Bijins page on nexus. I all so swapped the textures, deleting the original....! to my present PC's textures(fairskin+abbs)


I works but sometimes i get this


specially when changing cell to worldcell and if there are many NPC's in the loaded cell.


Its like it chokes on the texture loading.


Should i have stayed with the original Bijin textures and over-write with the textures i want? instead of deleting the original


Any suggestions?

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The only thing I can recommend is going into qasmoke and waiting 30 days or so. That might help with memory allotment which could be why the textures are disappearing, but I'm no Ashal when it comes to modding so you might have better luck with other answers.




The problem is solved i changed textures......again  and have not had the problem since.....


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