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Need other opinions


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Upgrading literally(not everything) every part of my current build just thought i'd get second opinions before i pay for it


Current Motherboard : ASUS M5A78l-M/USB3

Upgrading to : Gigabyte GA-970A AM3+ 7.1 Audio


Current CPU : AMD FX-6300 6-Core 3.5GHz

Upgrading to : AMD FX-8350 8-Core 4GHz 

Ignore opinions on the CPU thats out of the option im 100% buying that unless someone has Second thoughts


PSU : Corsair 500W 80+ Bronze cert

Upgrading to : Corsair 600W 80+ Bronze Cert Fully Wired


Upgrading Hard drive : Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5inch SATA-3 7200rpm

Open for suggestions on a different hard drive.


Kingston 120G SSDnow or Kingston Hyper-x 120GB would like a answer which is more worth.

All i hear is positiveness coming from the Hyper-X line. only thing is the price difference. 


Current Case is broke currently turning on my pc with a screwdriver lol

switching to a Zinc 200 PC Gaming Case.  just need a cheap alternative nothing really bothers me about anything else. 


Also buying a single Corsair Vengace 4gb Stick to replace my old 4gb Stick. i have 8gb ram just that i have two different sticks and would prefer to have two of the same. 


So feel Free to refer me to different atlernatives i do have a max price so dont go overboard and say something like

"Get a 1TB SDD so better" 


now heres a an inspirational gif






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I've recently did quite a big research for myself, because I'm upgrading to Tower PC from Notebook. Here's the list: http://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-512878


So I don't know the rest of your stuff, but these parts anywhere had well assessments (right word?). I also took the Seagate HDD into consideration, but there I could find more often complaints about the quality and data safety.

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I've heard that WD Black is less likely to damage then its colored counterparts.

WD Green is meant to be weak on the gaming side of things so if your building that comp for some gaming probs get blue or black


Im just skepitcal getting a new Hard Drive since i already used my Windows 7 Code dont suppose anyone knows how to install windows through a USB?

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I've seen quite many posts that mentioned Green to be usable for gaming. There is not that much difference in between the different colors, than WD wants to tell us ;)

So blue is ok for working, or as backup drive for not that important data, Green is good as backup drive for more important data or for Gaming as a hobby. Black only seems to be useful if you want to perform gaming in competitions, if not you can save the money, buy Green and still have sufficient efficiency.


And the other ones, Red eg really only are useful for clouds or smaller servers. They are meant to use 24/7 with a lot of read/write, not like the other drives that also have to hold and save data.

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im probably gonna switch it with a 240gb SDD and a 1TB WD Blue i dont need 2tb on top of the 500G i currently have now

im just wondering now if its possible to relocate my Windows OS Folder to my SSD i imagine it is but ill need all the files and such

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I think Windows itself provides methods for creating backups on external drives or restoration CDs.

Though I thought about that, too, and I made up with myself, that I will do a total vanilla install. I have an original Win7 CD, this I will use and then installing the updates on top.


Will be a bit of web traffic, but then I have a total "clean" (as far as possible) OS and no file leftovers from old un-/installations. I already do backups of my personal files regularly, so this I don't have to do anymore, just have to look for some sytem tweaks I've done (eg I've put some extra pics into the system wallpaper folder ^^)

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i backup my files on a 16gb stick but im switch to this 64gb  (amazingly cheap) one.

but  my case its so screwed.

i had to install a sound card because the case sound wires broke

i turn the damn thing with a screw driver.


all because the front panel refused to move it self then i forced it open which split all the wires in to two pieces.


My mobo is a small one so a cpu cooler sound card and a gpu one a small mobo just looks so crowded. 

on top of that half of the PSU wires are unused.

im surprised it works perfectly fine. except my current hard drive it gave off a couple of blue screens had it or like 4 years and its WD Blue so.





the basket i got if interested. 

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