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Custom follower grey face issue.


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I have a custom follower that I made ages ago and have been tinkering with on and off. Today I tired packing all her assets up into a rar so that I can back her up and use her on installations.  I pack all the files up including the esp and the facegen meshes/textures. 


The problem came when I tested the rar out in a mood manager. She works fine and has all the right dialogue lines and behaviours. The only problem is she has a grey face despite me including the facegen files.


Any idea's? if I unistall the mod and go back to the original manually installed files she shows up fine. 

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If the facegen files are not the cause of the problem and you happen to have the infamous "dark face bug":


I discovered that that happens when the VRAM of your graphics card is full and doesn't empty itself correctly. I have ENBoost installed which comes with a hotkey to empty the VRAM when necessary (default F4). Whenever the grey (or dark) face bug occurs, I press it and everything's back to normal again.


ENBoost (read the instructions carefully): http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/38649/?

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The facegen files work fine. I copied them from my install where they work to an archive.

I also dont think its a vram issue as my card has 4gb vram and she has the bug as soon as I start the game.


I think it might be esp related so im going to tear it apart and have a look now.


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