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Delightfull Eyepatches


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i am looking for good mods for anything with eyepatches,  have like one and id like some more, most i found are like sequin covered ones that look terrible, i don't care if its lore friendly, id just like ones that work and look good. does anyone know any good ones? i have a thing for eyepatches  :s


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There should be a Skyrim request/help find subforum. Because trying to navigate a single thread is impossible. No one is going to go through thousands of posts for the slight chance of finding one thing they aren't even sure exists. When something is found or made, the thread can be marked as "solved" or something and no one will have to post about it again.

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The point they are making is, if you have a request, we have a sticky for that. Those sticky threads aren't just there for decoration, they are meant to be used to keep the forums clean from constant new request threads. But people think they are "special snowflakes" and deserve their own attention thread instead of using the already existing ones.


No one is saying you have to browse all the posts in that thread. Just post your request there, and let someone answer it. That simple.



But since I'm feeling nice today, go check out Necrosarium.



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